Book Review

“Lady Leathernecks”

‘The Enigma of Women in the United States Marine Corps’

by Connie Brownson 

This telling work directly addresses a critical issue within today’s US military. In contrast to the militant tactics of radical feminists or “living legends” vignettes, the research offered in this title presents female Marines’ experiences, opinions, and suggestions for women’s success in the USMC. The women interviewed by the author live the experience, providing nuanced, sometimes colorful, details of day-to-day military life that can never be captured by climate surveys and Likert scales. They share their mistakes, heartbreaks, successes, and love of God, Country, and Corps. They allow us to experience vicariously the enigma of being a female Marine. Not essentialist but pragmatic, their sense of kinship and equivalence provides a practical foundation for comprehending and, perhaps, “fixing” what allegedly is wrong with the U.S. military’s sex/gender relations.

My Review:  5-STARS A Great Tribute to The History Women Marines

CONGRATULATIONS Connie on “Lady Leathernecks,” a well-written, interesting, and informative history book that every woman Marine, past, present and future should read. An inside look at the progression and changes, both positive and negative, women Marines have gone through since WWII. I originally bought this book to research my own memoir telling the story of my 30 years in the Marine Corps (1973-2003). It was a huge help in checking dates of the vast changes women went through during my 30 years in the Corps.

Connie did her research on the history of women Marines. She shares the changes through hundreds of interviews with women telling very personal stories and thoughts about serving in the Marine Corps. These heartfelt interviews make the book so special. Once I started reading stories from all my sister Marines, I couldn’t put the book down. This book is our legacy. The young women Marines today, and women contemplating joining the Marines, need to know this in order to carry on.

Connie, Please take your book to the next Women Marines Association Convention!

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