Remembering 9/11 – Where Were You That Fateful Morning?

It’s been eighteen years since the War on Terrorism began. So much has changed about the way we live. Yet it seems like yesterday–one of those days that is embedded in our memory forever.  May we never forget! Hanover County will be holding A Day of Remembrance on Wednesday, September 11that 0900.  I will go […]

Meeting the 29th Commandant

General Alfred M. Gray, Jr. 29thCommandant of the United States Marine Corps (1 July 1987 – 30 June 1991)                      On Tuesday, 13 August 2019, I had the honor of meeting the legendary General Al Gray, Special Guest Speaker at this month’s meeting of the  Houston-Holicky-Sitter Veterans’ Luncheon in Henrico, Virginia. General Gray is our […]

“Your Mother Wears Combat Boots!”

From Black Oxfords to Suede Desert Combat Boots         Once upon a time, long ago there was an insult that kids threw at each other (what we’d call ‘bullying’ today). Kids teased other kids by insulting their mothers with, “Your mother wears combat boots!”            When I arrived […]